JI chief Sirajulhaq in Govt Primary school Peshawar

JI urges govt. to resume talks forthwith


Peshawar, Dec. 4: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the PTI chairman Imran Khan was ready for talks in order to solve the political crisis and he would call upon the government to come to the negotiation table forthwith.

Talking to the media men after going around the government primary school, Garhi Rajkol, Ring Rod, Peshawar on Thursday, he said that instead of presenting their viewpoint at road crossings, both the parties should come to the negotiation table without further delay. He said, he had always been optimistic and even now, he believed that a solution would be worked out through dialogue.

The JI chief Sirajulhaq, has said it HHaq stressed that after defense, education should be the first priority of the government- both federal and provincial, and a big chunk of the budget should be allocated for education.

He said, although under the 18th constitutional amendment, education had been made a provincial subject, yet the JI considered it necessary for the federal and the provincial governments to sit together and review the education system and curriculum and syllabi in different parts of the country and work out a uniform education system with the same curriculum and syllabi for the entire country.  He said that the educational facilities available to the children of the President and the Prime Minister of the country  should also be made available to the children of a poor worker. Besides, he said that the competitive examinations for higher services should also be held in the national language.

Sirajul Haq said that different education systems prevalent in the country were instrumental in dividing the nation into classes and sects and a uniform education system and curriculum were essential to promote national unity. However, he said that minor changes could be made in such a system to meet the requirements of different provinces and areas.

He said that the JI also wanted electoral reforms. He said that in his meeting with Imran Khan on Wednesday, he had also discussed the overall performance of the Khyber P government besides the present political crisis.


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