NATO forces landing in Afghanistan was unjustified…Siraj


NATO forces landing in Afghanistan was unjustified

Pic Sirajul Haq (33)

LAHORE, Dec. 29; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the US led NATO troops had absolutely no right to land in Afghanistan and the forces supposedly on peace mission had only promoted terrorism and lawlessness in the region.

            Commenting on the withdrawal of the NATO forces from Afghanistan, the JI chief said in a  statement here on Monday that the saner elements within the US, Europe and all over the world had strongly opposed the invasion of Afghanistan while the responsible military and civil officers- both serving and retired- in the US administration had in their writings and articles, openly admitted the blunder committed by their country in this respect.

            Sirajul Haq, while welcoming the withdrawal of the NATO forces according to the plan as a positive move, impressed upon the US and the world institutions not to interfere in the affairs of Afghanistan anymore and instead leave it up to the Afghans to plan for their future. He warned that if the foreign powers tried to thrust a government of their choice in Kabul or set up military basis for political gains, peace in Afghanistan and the region would be disturbed.

            The JI chief also urged the Pakistan government not to miss the opportunity and take effective measures for ensuring a durable peace in the brotherly country with the support of the Afghan people through effective efforts at diplomatic level involving Russian, China, Iran and Turkey.

            He stressed that full support should be extended to the Afghan people for the preservation of their Islamic identity and tribal traditions.


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