Pakistanies in Saudi Arabia are ambassadors of Pakistan.SIRAJ

Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia are ambassadors of Pakistan..SIRAJ

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Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia are ambassadors of Pakistan

LAHORE, Feb. 24: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia were the country’s ambassadors in the holy land and they should strive to raise the image of Pakistan through their conduct. He was speaking at a reception hosted in his honour by the Pakistani community in Holy Makkah during his current visit there.

             Sirajul Haq said that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were linked together through the eternal bond of Islam which prompted believers to sacrifice their all for their brethren in faith and give them preference in all respects.

He stressed upon the Pakistani community to pay full respect and honour to the laws of Saudi Arabia.  He thanked the Saudi government, especially Khadame Haramain Sharifain Sultan Salman bin Abdul Aziz, for expressing deep love and affection for the Pakistani citizens in the holy land and said that they were enjoying special facilities in all walks of life.

            The JI chief said that cooperation between the Muslim countries especially common education syllabi, common economic market and reforms in the media were the dire needs of the time.

            The JI chief urged the Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia to make special prayers for the end of terrorism in the Pakistan, for the progress and stability in the country and for the enforcement of the Islamic system. He was confident that Pakistan would soon become a land of peace and would also play a leading role in establishment of peace all over the world.

            Sirajul Haq said that the Pakistani citizens working abroad were also playing important role in the building and development of the country and they must get the right to vote in the elections in the country.  He said the JI would make its best efforts in this direction.

            However, he deplored that the country’s parliamentary institutions had become trading centers. He said the masses should reject for all times, the assembly members who proved to be saleable commodity. He said they should also play meaningful role for reforms in their own country.


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