Afghan leader calls on JI chief

pic amir jip (1)

LAHORE, Mar. 18; A former Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Eng. Ahmed Shah, called on the Ameer, Jamaat e islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, in Islamabad on Wednesday, and exchanged views with him on the situation in the region with special reference to Afghanistan.

                Speaking on the occasion, the JI chief said that the relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan were centuries old as the two were linked together

through bonds of religion and common heritage. He expressed the hope that the ties between the two would further grow in the days ahead.

                Senator Sirajul Haq underscored the need for establishing peace in the neighbouring country. He said that Afghanistan was a sovereign state and independent state and the US or any other country should not play with her sovereignty. Foreign interference in Afghanistan should be stopped, he said.

                He said that the Pakistani people had supported their Afghan brethren in every difficulty and their cooperation and help would continue in future as well. 

                He said that the close, brotherly ties between the two countries were also imperative for the restoration of peace in the region and the two states should go ahead in this direction by removing all hurdles on their way. The two governments should also remove their mutual misunderstandings in order to promote mutual brotherhood and to foil the designs of the enemies of Islam.

                The JI chief also conveyed to the Afghan leader the good wishes of the Pakistani people towards their Afghan brethren.


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